Tired of Blocked sites at work?

Now, for all I know this site may be blocked and make this moot. Lol. BUT for all those who desire KH at work and can’t because it’s blocked… you can try using this website HERE. I don’t have net access at my work, so I can’t really test it out, but I stumbled it and thought it wouldn’t hurt to share… Unless an irate boss catches you…:teehee:

It claims it will allow you to surf anonymously, allowing you to avoid those pesky work blocks.

I just told my mom about the site, I just want her to be able to see icanhascheezburger.com!

Keep in mind that attempting to get around your company’s IT security could get you fired.

Yeah… we’re not supposed to go to any site we have to log in to, so while I can read most of KH or other boards, I can’t post. If you’re caught, you get a warning. After a couple warnings, you’re probably fired the 3rd time.

Yeah, don’t mess with a corporate policy like that. Fortunately I work for a company that has a pretty relaxed internet policy (surfing is OK but no radio/TV shows, etc.) … but other employers that I have had in the past were extremely rigid about their computer policies and fired employees that didn’t follow the rules. And the employer said it was justified because not only was the policy published, but the employee also went out of their way to break the rules.

Ok, let me jump off my soapbox. :aww: Just follow the rules at work and there’s nothing to worry about …

I am soooo glad that I don’t work outside the home anymore. When I did the only computers were huge room filling machines and no internet.:knitting:

I wish I had time to surf at work, but it’s usually pretty busy.

One of the easiest ways to get fired is to try to get around filters your employers have set up. And remember, they can see every keystroke you make.

Ok, as a poopooer here, in all fairness, the boss pays you to work not surf and besides that, they are trying to control access to their network and keep it safe. Believe me, when I worked for the law firm they were always trying to keep from exterior forces messing with stuff. We didn’t have internet access at all except for the mailroom area because they ordered supplies online.

I say, wait til you get home then enjoy your websites. While you are at work, do what you are supposed to do and put in 8 hours for your boss.

My mom does not have internet at her home, no running water and their only phone is a cell phone that does not always get service up on the hill where they are at. Their electricity comes from solar panels and batteries to store it. She lives on a Indian reservation where for various reasons, they just do not have access to all of this. She is living on pretty much her husbands ancestral land and will until she dies. She would like to check out regular sites not during her working hours, but she would like to check stuff out during her lunch and/or before/after her regular hours. And there are many days in which she is there for 10-12 hours. It is the way this clinic is run, she has no real control over that, but she is the one doing almost everything except for seeing the patients as a Dr. or nurse.

It is still grounds for being fired if it is something she doesn’t have permission to do. Now, if she gets permission, that is another thing. This isn’t a judgement but a word of caution. Employers take security extremely seriously and put blocks and filters in for a reason. And they don’t hesitate to fire people who don’t follow the rules.

Oh wow, I wasn’t trying to egg anyone on or anything. I had heard people complain about blocked sites, and a few friends of mine liked it during their breaks, and I just thought I’d share.

If you aren’t one to break the rules, then don’t.

Sorry if this post irked you guys.

I wasn’t irked, simply injecting a word of caution for those who value their jobs. I know people who have lost their jobs for such things.

I think my 65 year old mother knows what she is doing, she has been working there going on 15-20 years. The place she works at is not your typical clinic workplace (by any means), she knows [U]everything[/U] about it. Most days, when they are not seeing patients, she is the only one there working, and everyday she is the first one in, last one out. She has taken meds home to her fridge when the power went out there and saved them thousands of dollars by doing so. She has proven time and again that she values her job, heck she is just about the only one there that does value a Indian health clinic on a run down reservation.

This place has the strangest filters there, she can go shopping at the Overstock.com but can’t check out goofy pet pictures from icanhascheezburger.com?

I am sorry if I sound a bit put off, but I am. When I told her about this post, her response was she knows what she is doing, she is no dummy. I would never give this site to my 21 year old daughter but my 65 year old mom, I don’t need to worry about. Like I said before, this is not a site that she is going to go to throughout the day, it will be on her own time, she really [U]does not[/U] have the internet at home and that is not by their choice.

Please do not pass judgement on her, unless you have walked a mile in the snow and mudslides in her shoes. I don’t like the feeling that I have to defend her regarding a website.

I am going to stop reading this thread now…

I think you’re taking some comments here way too personally and in the wrong way. You aren’t the only one reading this thread and most of the comments made here are directed at people in general not you or your mother specifically.

Advice is just that, a person can do with it what they wish. No arm twisting or judgments going on here.

Now I’m not a specialist in these matters, but I would think if a company takes these issues seriously, connections to a website named “avoidfilter.com” would probably be noticed and blocked anyways, no? :shrug:

Nurses are very busy people, I know. Nurses do all the observations, and caring of the patient, just to tell the doctor what he should do.
Then the nurse does what the doctor advises. Sheesh.

Can your mom get to a local public library and use their computers?

Good advice.

I hated working where ALL my internet activity was recorded.

What’s irritating, is, the ones above you, (in pay, at least) get away with more time wasting.

Yup… I couldn’t surf even if I didn’t have a bloomin’ thing to do (I was there for over 11 years, and was not a slacker)… but my Dept. Head ran a (personal) freakin’ E-bay store front all day!! Talk about a double standard! … but I am not there any more… and the only one I answer to now is myself!

There’s absolutely no harm in sharing this link with people Krystal. Don’t worry about it. It’s a good site for people who want to use it at work. I’m pretty sure people know when/if they’re breaking the rules at work.:wink: