Tips on spinning woolen?

I think I’ve pretty much stuck to worsted since I got my wheel and now I’d like to branch out. I’d really love a spinning tutorial like the knitting ones on but websites, photos, or just any tips would be helpful too.

I can’t help you, never spun woolen… I hope someone will be by to help you soon.

Unless you’re always spinning from a combed top, chances are you’ve spun woolen and not known it.

Carded roving allows spinned woolen. Try spinning from the fold instead of from the end of the roving.

Use wool that is condusive (sp?) to woolen spinning - from the stash I have, the wool from the tunis, dorset & hampshire worked well spinning woolen. Be conscience of how much twist you’re putting in - you need only enough to hold the fiber together.

Can’t wait to see pictures!!