Tips for setting in sleeves please

I am about to start working on a cardigan for myself and this will be my 1st time to set in sleeves. In theory, I am guessing I just sew the sleeves in but would like any tips from those with experience please.

Many thanks, Irishmam

Most of the time I have done set in sleeves I sewed the sleeves in after the shoulder seam was done, but not the sleeve seams or the side seams of the sweater. But I took a finishing class and the gal said it was better to sew the side seams and the sleeve seams (so that they are tube-like) then sew them in. One thing that helps is to divide the armhole into fractional parts, at least fourths, maybe even 8ths. Also divide the sleeve hole into the same fractional parts and make them match up.

Hi, if you have the pattern link, that would be helpful.
This might be obvious to you, but the first tip to setting in sleeves is to steam all the edges of all the pieces first. I also place a thread of yarn at the center top of the sleeve and match it to the shoulder seam of the sweater, then I can gauge stitches as I sew the sleeve in. :slight_smile:

Here’s a video from Berroco
If you can send the pattern, might be able to help further.

I too found the video from the Berocco and found it very useful. I also found this

Article and think it reiterates what you have both said. The pattern is only available from Ravelry as a download and simple says “set in sleeves as normal”. As I have never don it before, there is no ‘normal’ for me!

Thanks a million


The Marie Grace instruction for set in sleeves you found is as good as it gets, excellent tutorial for set-in sleeves, you shouldn’t have any problem following her advice. Good work and good luck.