Tips for knitting on sz 2 dpns?

I am a relatively experienced knitter and I have knit on dpns before - but I’ve never tried anything on size 2.0mm (US 0). I just started a Dale hat pattern and I feel like a giant knitting with Barbie’s knitting needles. The stitches keep trying to jump off the ends of the needles and getting the stitch picked up without splitting the yarn is tough.
Does it get easier? Any tips? Is it worth soldiering on? This is supposed to be a hat for my 2d son due in May.

I am new to this board and I did some searches but didn’t find anything like my question. But please do feel free to point me to something I’ve missed. Thanks!

I think it just takes practice. If your stitches are jumping off the needles you may need to use 5 needles to use less on each needle.

Are you using metal or bamboo dpn’s. Bamboo would definately be the way to go if you are a beginner on dpn’s as the yarn sticks to the needles more.

I feel your pain :oo:

I am working on a pair of socks with size 0 dpns (bamboo) and it seems like it is taking forever! The needles are bending and I am afraid I am gripping them too hard. I almost done with one sock and I am seriously thinking of passing on the second one! :crying:

It is like knitting with toothpicks!

Good luck!