Tips for Knitters in Nashville 9/28

Am in Nashville from the Pacific NW for a wedding and wondered if there are any local knitter’s that have any tips for yarn shops I must see while I am here. I am on a limited time schedule so thought it would be easier if I asked if anyone had any good ideas to save me time searching the web. Thanks in advance. :muah:

you may be gone already, but there are three stores that I visit in the area…Angel Hair Yarn Company in Green Hills, Haus of Yarn on Whitebridge Road and Threaded Bliss in Brentwood. They all have website and are pretty easy to find!


I really like Haus of Yarn too - where is the Angel Hair Yarn Company? I go to Green Hills a bit but haven’t seen it.

Angel Hair is great! Friendly folks, lots of fun stuff too. It’s beyond the mall, in the same shopping center as Talbots and Christie Cookies (across from McDonald’s). It’s right before you leave Green Hills and start hitting the condos…


Thanks both of you for your suggestions. We tried to go to Angel Yarn Co. one day. We took the bus to that area and were on foot and didn’t go far enough. I did see where it was when we went on a shuttle to the wedding as we drove past it. Am hoping to get back to that area today but we already have plans to go to Franklin and a hike by a lake today. If I can get everyone else up here…I might be able to fit the yarn shop in. We leave very early tomorrow so this is my last shot.