Tips for Beginners

When you are following a knitting pattern it is sometimes easy to get lost.

:stuck_out_tongue: You can prop your pattern up beside you on a recipe book stand.

:stuck_out_tongue: And mark where you are exactly with a post-it note.

:stuck_out_tongue: If you leave your knitting for a long time, leave it on a stitch holder not your needles.

If the pattern is from a book or magazine, make a working copy. Itโ€™ll be easier to travel with and you can make notes on it of any modifications youโ€™re making.

I always make a copy of my work so that I can easily count rows and stitches with little tick marks in the marginsโ€ฆ it works most of the time. When I have to leave my work and I know it will be a while, I pencil in where I left off because my memory is nearly non-existent.

There is an entire sticky thread at the top of the forum devoted to knitting tips. :thumbsup: