Tips before I start

I’m looking for people who knit to run ideas by before I start a thing.

I’m going to make a scarf. I’ve got a nice geeky chart of the wallpaper from Sherlock.
I think I’m going to knit it from the ends up and do a three needle bind off in the middle so both ends will be right side up when they hang down.
I know I need a way to make it not curl. I’m leaning toward a border seed stitch. But I’m not really sure. I could do it garter stitch, or even a 1x1 rib because I just like how they come out. But I don’t know how that would impact the color pattern.

That’s what I’m wondering. Would the pattern come out funky with a stitch that’ll make the scarf lie flat?

I haven’t decided how big my scarf is yet, I’m ironing out my plan of attack before I get to things like guage and Math. :???:

That’s gong to make a wonderful scarf. What about knitting it as a tube? If the yarn isn’t too heavy a weight, it could work.
This series from Techknitter has lots of advice on curling scarves:
A deep border sometimes helps and you could use one of the scarf colors for a solid border. It would frame the wallpaper.

I had thought about doing it as a tube, but then, I don’t know how to make it be flat when I’m done. And, I’m tired of knitting in the round for a while. I think the last like, 10 things I’ve done/tried have been around and around and around.
I may experiment with a few things before I get going.