Tips and opinions on adding a flap to onesie/jumper

just purchased this pattern:

(im making the one without long sleeves and legs)
and im debating whether or not i should cast off a little above the waist in the front and then cast on and continue working, so i can add snaps when the project is done.

I don’t want to do it if its going to make the pattern look like a mess but i feel bad giving this onesie as a gift considering theyll have to take it off everytime they need to change a diaper.

id love to hear any opinions you guys might have on how it’d turn out, and any tips on how to go through with it if i do.

I’ve had children and that would be pain. How about just some snaps across the crotch. I’m not sure how it’s knit, but seems easy enough and wouldn’t alter the shape or style. You’d just need to add a some extra rows to create a flap for snapping.

Something like this: