Don’t know for sure where to put this, but I have found many uses for paperclips in knitting and crocheting. In crochet, if you need a quick release, but “stay on there” stitch marker, bend the inside end of the paper clip towards the center, and then use the center loop to push through your front loop of the work, removal is just a twist away. For knitting, not only do they make great needle stitch markers, but they also help to keep that tail that you started with out of the way until you need it. Just wrap yarn tightly around the paperclip, then tuck the end between the two loops on the paperclip. For following patterns, use the paperclip on the edge of the paper, and just slip it up as you go. There are probably hundreds more uses, but those are what I have discovered by having a ton of paperclips and no office anymore.:heart:

I also use paperclips instead of cable needles, and as stitch markers when I have to make a correction on a row.

Yep, they make great removeable stitch markers - been using them for years.

Thanks for the inventive uses for paperclips. I love the one for tucking in the tail end between the loops of the clip.

I’ve used the clips from time to time. My most used item though is the safety pin. I especially like the coiless pins. They are great to mark inc’s & dec’s with and to mark between first and last sts when working in the round.