Tip from a beginner

For all the beginners out there, I went out and purchased a book, well actually more a calendar than anything, called 365 stitches a year. Basically a perpetual calendar, as well as a nice pat encyclopedia. This book (calendar?) helps me practice. I try to knit the stitch of the day, every day, doesn’t always help, but I’ve found that in doing so, it helps answer a lot of questions that I have. I recommend this book (calendar?) to anybody who knows the basics.


I have this book, too, and use it often.

I think that I’m going to do my swatches in harmonizing yarns, in 6X6" blocks, so I can have a patchwork sampler afghan made from them.

and somewhere here in cyber space someone (the lady that did the states dishcloths) catagorized them into a list of repeats…

now it is making me crazy…i’ll dig around for it and post it.


Nice tip Rorshach! I’m going to put this on my “to buy” list (which means most of the things inside will end up on my “to knit” list).

The afghan sounds like a good idea MrsB! Maybe you could make matching pillow covers too, for some months… like do an afghan swatch AND a pillow swatch, but in a different color (say red green white for December, or orange, black, brown for October)… and you’d have one-of-a-kind holiday-esque/seasonal decorator pillows.

Heather, that is a LONG LIST! I wish I had that much energy; I’d put it into my KNITTING :slight_smile: