Tiny sweater decorations to match actual sweaters

I have 4 grand-daughters, ages 1 1/2 to 8 and am in the process of knitting sweaters for each of them. After the first one I decided to make a Christmas tree decoration to match, using Ruth Karohl’s pattern. So far I’ve completed 3 actual sweaters and 3 decorations. One is pink and white striped; one is pink with white snow flakes and the 3rd is Plymouth Yarn’s Heaven in a bright pink. I’m hoping that after the girls are grown and have long outgrown the sweaters the miniatures will remind them of their Nana.

What a neat idea! :smiley: - They sound lovely.

:blooby: I love that idea!! :thumbsup:

That is such a cute and cool idea!! I’m sure they will be treasured!

Oh my gosh you must be reading my mind!! I was looking through a book today at the library with a pattern in it for miniature sweaters! :smiley: I was thinking how cute they were and that I should try them out. :notworthy: It’s such a cool idea. I was thinking of making a regular sized girls sweater and the mini one for a barbie doll to match. They’re cool, huh?

Such an awesome idea!! I’m sure your grand daughters will love that!