Tiny knitting pattern

Hey everyone.

I just got Knit Picks Viticetum Coat pattern. The actual chart is so tiny that I can hardly see it.

How can I make it larger so I can see it without getting lost? I tried enlarging it on a copier, but it just didn’t work.

I have done fair isle before, but this is my first colored pattern this large or the colored squares so tiny.

Can you enlare it in sections on the copier (say 4 quadrants) and then overlap and tape them together? What didn’t you like about your effort with the copier? What about giving someplace like Kinkos a shot at it?

Kinko’s should be able to do that for less than five dollars. I take things in for work all the time. I put my pdf files on a usb stick and they blow them up and print posters for about three dollars. It’s quite nice really. I have also sent them files by email before.
Be sure to give them a call first to make sure they’re comfortable with your file type.