Tiny Doggy Sweater

I made this little sweater for Roxy (our 3-1/2lb. Yorkie). I used the system I learned in the book “Kids to Grownups Seamless Sweaters”. It’s top-down raglan. I just had to fiddle with the placement of the armholes. I also found out the neck needed to be longer before the shoulders started, so I went back and picked up stitches around the neck edge and added another 3/4" upward. The yarn is Bernat Baby Jacquards. On such a small item, the pattern repeat works out very cute. I also put a photo of the tiny little needles I used for this small circular item. My hands are hurting from the small slippery needles.

Perfect and so cute!! :yay:

That is just adorable!

Adorable! :cheering:

I love it. My daughter has a Shorkie and she has been after me to make it a sweater but i don’t know if I can just wing it… I have been looking for a pattern. What size needle is that?

I used a size 6 needle. The neck cast on is 46 stitches. Roxy has a 12" chest.

Very sweet. I love the colors. Are those needles 16 inches? I used that length for a hat, and did find it a bit hard on the hands.

Roxy sure looks cozy in the sweater; I’ll bet she just loves to keep toasty-warm on cool days.

Woodi, those needles are 12" tip to tip. The actual needle part before the cable is about 2-1/2" They are made by Addi, so they’re more slippery than usual, which added to the hand strain in small quarters. If I were to re-purchase short cabled needles I think I’d try bamboo. I use these little ones for armholes when I do baby wear.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Sienna]The only thing cuter than a Yorkie,
is a Yorkie in a beautiful hand knit.

Our “grand dog” is a Yorkie. No prejudice here.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Very cute!