Tiny Cute Baby Socks!

… for my niece. They are made out of my leftovers of Red Heart’s Heart and Sole in Faded Jeans. They may be a little bit too big for her as she is only ten weeks old but if so, she will grow into them soon.

I know the lower one and upper one look different but they aren’t. It’s just the wrinkles.

:heart: Those are too cute, too sweet. What a lovely way to use up bits of yarn. She’ll grow into them certainly and then when she outgrows them they can be passed along to another pair of tiny feet.

They look grand. Really well done and in a very pretty color yarn too!

Thanks, ya’ll are really too kind:aww: And the nice thing is that I already made myself a pair of socks out of that yarn. So we will be matching!

Cute indeed, and nicely knitted. :knitting:

Now you’ll just have to make sure you two wear them at the same time :cool:

I want to see a picture of you and baby wearing your socks. That would be really sweet.

consider yourself inspirational… your work nudged me to start right in on yet more concurrent pairs of socks, these ones for my niece and nephew. :wink:

Oh my! You guys make it seem like I’m the best sock knitter in the world!:hug: :muah:
I’ll definitly see if I can get a pic of us!

Everyone is right, those are beautiful socks, well done. You really do have good, even knitting going on there, which is not always easy on something so tiny. :yay:

The only problem with them is that one of the to grafts looks terrible. But I thought," eh, who’s gonna pay attention to that? Even as they don’t knit!" (I don’t know if you didn’t notice but I am not a perfectionist with certain things):teehee:

These are really cute and love the yarn

[COLOR=“Purple”]Oh my gosh, those are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a wonderful gift for your niece to treasure when she gets older.[/COLOR]

So cute!!! Will look adorable on little feet!!!

They’re a little bit too big but I think they’ll fit her by winter. She’s still growing WAAAYYYYYYY too fast for her own good. It’s like:noway: for me every time!

These are sweet - I can imagine they must look lovely in the adult version as well.

Well done!


I missed this thread! Those came about adorable!

Here you are! You can see that hers are a little too big, and you can see who uses their socks alot more!:teehee: Now that I think of it, her feet sorta look like they’re melting. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is an adorable picture! Very sweet. Thanks for posting it.

Cute little socks to hug chubby little feet. Sweet.