Tiny Christmas Tree Decoration

Trying again to post a photo of this.


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Aww that’s cute! Are you going to put a hook on it or tie a bow?

So adorable, Gillian! Perfect for the Christmas tree.

Thank you both.

I haven’t decided what to do about hanging the tree. The pattern just says to sew a star shaped button to the point and attach a ribbon for hanging.


Oh that would be cute, too!

Very cute. It could be decorated with embroidery floss garland and a few beads. A pin on the back and you have a Christmas tree for the lapel of your coat. They would even be great in shades of green.

A pin on the back - I like that idea.


That looks pretty, Gillian!

Thank you, poetknitter! I just wore it as a brooch in the end.

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Do you have a pattern for this tree?

Yes, here’s the link:



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You’re welcome! :slight_smile: