Tinking Lace

I’m learning to knit lace and have found my biggest challenge is in tinking the various stitches. Videos are helpful, but does anyone know of a handbook or sites with drawings/diagrams, so I can use as a quick reference.

No sorry, I don’t. You could use a lifeline if you need to tink more than a few stitches.

Thanks. I’m looking for diagrams showing how to Tink the various lace stitches. There are videos, but I would love to just look at a diagram to make sure I’m doing it correctly.

It may help just to tink as you’re doing and on the next row, correct any mis-mounted sts or dropped yarn overs. When I’ve run into problems, it’s mostly been dropped yarn overs or one stitch of a decrease.

It takes practice to know where to insert the needle. I found that if you put a little bit of tension on the stitch, seeing the proper hole is a lot easier. Always insert the needle in the stitch below before pulling the stitch above out.

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments folks. I have huge problems ripping out lace patterns. I’m not an experienced knitter and continuously create problems tinking. I have videos of tinking, but really could simplify things for myself if I had diagrams/drawings to refer to. I know I can’t be the only person with this problem, so I will keep asking around. Thanks again.

@bcarb, I never realized there were so many videos for tinking and tinking lace. Here’s one of the few written tutorials that I could find.

Perfect! Now if I could find pics like this for all stitches, I would be happy. Thank you so much. It seems so simple, yet I manage to make a mess of my lace doing it each time.
Thank you for taking the time to find this for me.