Tin Can Knits pattern giveaway for Christmas

I hope it’s OK to post this. We’re supposed to share the love, after all…I got Rosebud:woot: :

(I also messed up because my ISP doesn’t work like everyone else’s, so I was forced, forced I say, to buy the Drift pattern I’ve been lusting after for a long while.) :yay:

Apparently I can’t get the free pattern. I’m too broke to buy one right now. If it’s a buy one get one, they should say so.

It’s not supposed to be a buy one get oine. The second time I tried, the “use coupon code” box popped up, I entered SHARETHELOVE, and it went right through and gave me the free pattern. The first time it didn’t work for me and that’s how I ended up buying the first one. Let them know you had trouble with it, too–I thought it was just me.

It worked this time and I think I know what I did wrong. I copied the SHARETHELOVE code wrong, I actually copied SHARE THE LOVE from further down the page. This time when I tried it popped up that the coupon code was invalid. It didn’t do that before, so I suspect I copied the wrong text but didn’t get the message. Thanks for the link!