Time to relax?

Yesterday I ran my 2nd half marathon, beating my first half mary time by a whole 10 minutes. Now I’m trying to just relax today and I’m staring at my clog pattern I’ve had for a while and the felted square I made and am scared to start it!!! What’s wrong with me? LOL

I’m trying to psych myself up to start it so I’m thinking if I mention it here I’ll be commited (one way or another :rofling: ) to start it. Why is it so scary to start a project? I get that same feeling like just before jumping into a pool that you know is going to be cold at first but feel good in the end. Anyway, just thought I’d share. :XX:

You’ve run a marathon and you’re nervous about starting a slipper? :rofling:

Hey, you are not alone…haha…so many of us put off doing the things we want to out of fear of getting started…failure, struggle…

Dive in the water is finewink
Rhy :thumbsup:

yeah. I do that hestitating all the time. And there’s something about finishing things that kinda makes me pause as well. :?? Except that when I am nearly done a project, I begin to search patterns and yarn bins and decide what comes next. :smiley: And you are right! Now you are committed to get going on those clogs! We’ll all be watching for the finished photo! Get :XX: ! samm

I’m going to have to DITTO Ingrid again :wink:

Oh, forgot to say congrats on the Marathon, i used to run but have hung up my sneakers & picked up the needles instead :lol: Gotta try to make time for the running again this summer…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didnt have to work…just knit…hmmmm, gotta get a job that lets me knit…

Rhy :XX: