Time to De-Lurk!

Ok, I noticed in the welcome post we had a lot of lurkers! C’mon in, the water is fine! You don’t even have to tell us about yourself if you don’t want to… just post a smiley!

Well ya know that’s a common forum technique…

Alot of people get on forums to just read and research… I know that on the other forums I admin on … only about 75% of the people post… :slight_smile: The rest lurk and are active lurkers…

Yeah, I know… but that doesn’t mean I can’t try and coax them out :wink:

Maybe if you offer chocolate??

Oooh yeah. I even live in a Dutch community so you know I gots the good stuff :thumbsup:

What is the difference between just lurking and being an ‘active’ lurker?

(not being snarky, just curious!) :wink:

Good question… Ohhh Norman Bates

Well a Lurker is someone who comes and views… like every few days… an active lurker… if you watch thier forum footprints… will go through just about every topic on every board…


Hi. My name is Jennifer…
and I am a lurker!
I check the boards every day and read every single post - I dont know why I haven’t contributed - the biggest reason is that I don’t have much to add - I just read and learn :smiley:
And—I have to say I have learned A LOT :cheering:
If I could figure out how to post my pics - I’d share my FO’s with you too. I always get error messages that my files are too big. Who knew?
I do love this site…
Any other lurkers want to join in?

Pics are easy… there is a option at the very end when entering a post that says “Attach File” click browse… find it… and that’s all there is to it… unless they have a size limit.

You can also include a file hosted else where… by inclosing the http:// link with [ img ] [/ img ] tags (without the space)

Hi, my name is Carole and I am a semi lurker…new catagory. Just discovered this forum last week and I am not really familar with forums but enjoy all the information. Just started knitting after a few years off and I have become addicted. :XX:

thanks norman- but thats sorta the problem- I’ve been trying to use the pics from “my pics folder” on my pc- and it always errors out and says my images are too large. I know I need to resize them to upload them but don’t know how. Any ideas???

Yeah, knitwit, there are a few programs that can help you resize, most of them are expensive, but one that I know of, called Irfanview, can resize your pics, and best of all, it’s freeware. you can get it here.

Welcome to all the lurkers! Dang, guess I owe you some candy huh?

Knitwit here is another free one… I’ve never used it but a few friends have and liked it


Are the tulips blooming, Nik? Got our latest issue of the Iowan magazine yesterday, tried hard not to cry…sniff, sniff <<HONK>>

I’m not a lurker. But I WANT chocolate!!! :cheering:

umm…yeah i will come outta hiding too if i can get some chocolate. i promise not to be so introverted! :hiding:

:inlove: Did someone mention chocolate???

like brendajos…i’m :hiding: and those other people that i heard mentioned…gardenia, brook and others that i don’t know bc i, too, am a lurker…a bad one…so…if u r a really bad lurker…do u get more chocolate…i need i need
promise :— really promise :— to no longer lurk or lie :—
JUST GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE, :oops: sorry, i am embarrassed bc of my :hiding: …didn’t mean to raise my voice
welcome lurkers…do u have your chocolate yet?

Yes they are… or at least some of them are hanging in. I swear they know when Tulip Time is and always seem to hold on until then! And the promtly die the week after!