Time Machine - Post Your Baby Picture!

We had an employee appreciation event today at work and part of the entertainment was a game matching employees with their baby pictures. I thought about the forum and wondered if you guys thought it would be fun to post our own baby pictures here?

At the risk of being the only one to do so - this is me circa 1961!

Come on - dig out those cute little pictures and scan 'em in - don’t make me call someone!


Alrighty then…here’s me…

What cuties you two are!!! :muah:Don’t have any photos here at work-shhhhhhhhhhhh-and I’m really not on the internet at this second :hiding: but I’ll see what I’ve when I get home!

DQ! Thanks for posting! I was feeling kind of vulnerable out there all by myself!!

What a happy girl you were! You must have been taking those first steps toward yarn!!

PurlyGyrl: :psst: [SIZE=1]We won’t tell, and can’t wait to see what you post!![/SIZE]

Apparently my parents did not have a camera when I was a baby but this is the youngest one I could find. About 5 years old. 60 years ago!!!:happydance:

Eeee everyones sooo cute. :heart::heart:

Here is me, around 1985-86 I was around 1 or 2 in the pic, youngest one I have of me on the comp and in the house.

I look exactly the same from birth to now, except when I was a baby I was bald… and Now I am much more freckly and less chubby cheeked. lol…

And since my face is hidden in the one… I’ll toss in another. I am definitely 2 yrs old in the picture with the flowers. I was to be the flower girl in my aunts wedding and my mom was testing out styling my hair. When she got it just right she took this picture, so she’d know what to do on the day of the wedding.

Apparantly, 2 yr olds dont make great flower girls. I ran down the aisle bawling and screaming for my daddy. lol.


In this picture I just turned one years old:teehee:

This is the only photo I have of myself as a baby:

And here I was at age 5:

Oh what a fun thread!!!

I don’t have any pix on my computer from when I was a baby, but here I am at 2.

And in Kindergarten

Me with my favorite TeddyBear

Awww! Everyone is soooo cute!! I love looking at the pictures! Thanks for sharing :yay:

For some reason, I can’t see Julie’s picture - anyone else having a problem?

I do not have any of myself as we had a house fire when i was young.

But i must say you were all very very beautiful little things.

Oh, Rita - that is so unfortunate! I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:

Awwww! :inlove: KnitPixie–love that bonnet!!:muah: Got home last night and discovered I have no baby pictures handy. :gah:Our house burned down when I was 3 and we lost all our pictures. :cry:

There is one HUGE (14 by 24 or something) portrait my Mom has on the wall (she saved it from the fire by grabbing it and jumping from a second floor window :shock: and for some panic stricken reason she was trying to save our set of encyclopedias! :teehee:)

I have a wallet size in a collage frame. All the others that I’ve managed to locate from aunts and uncles are on a cd on loan to my niece for a project.

So in the meantime here is a self portrait::teehee:

Denise, you’re a hoot! :teehee:
(I’m sorry about your family house fire.)

Rita, I’m sorry about your loss as well. :pout:

I only had 2 baby pictures of myself and my brother confiscated them! My dad did the slides instead of prints. DB took them all to put on cd’s. I do have a pic of me when I was about 7. I’ll see if I can get it to scan, it’s pretty washed out.

i could not post the pic of me so cloud9

Well, I have no baby pics on my computer, but here’s a pic from the bus stop on the first day of 1st grade. I’m the second from the right (in the blue dress).

Ok, here it is! Welcome to 1969!

Here I is!