Time difference

I just posted a reply to a topic and then went to edit it for spelling and grammar. The time at the bottom said it was 12pm that I edited it. Now I know it is actually 8am by my home clock and the clock on my pc. Where is the material coming from that there is a four hour time difference? I know it isn’t in England as there is a five hour time difference and I have I chats with friends who live there. Is there a way t correct the clock or is it where the server is?

I think it must be Eastern Standard. At least, that’s where I am (Baltimore, MD, USA - east coast) and my time in reality matches the times listed in my post when I post on the board.

You can go into the user Control Panel and set the clock for your own timezone.

I heard it [B][U]around the forum[/U][/B] that they brought in a new server (computer). I think it was Artlady’s post http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1247766&postcount=2

That might be the reason for the different time stamp to your edit session.