Tilli Tomas Cable Tank 240

Soooooo… After struggling with this pattern for a few days, I thought just to give in and seek some help. :??

This is the pattern page on ravlery : http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/indi-cable-tank-240-archived - there is a link to a PDF from there.

[B]1 -[/B] I am about to bind off in the “work back” section. They are just breaking down the bind off groups for future reference, but all I have to do is bind off the whole row right?

[B]2 -[/B] At the end of the “work back” section I will have an upside down [B]T[/B] right? I am having a problem visualizing all these pieces and where they fit.

Help from you divine entities of knitting is always appreciated. Thank you!

Yes, that’s right, bind off across the row. You might put in markers on either side of the center sts so you’ll know how much of the shoulders to join to the fronts.

Yes again, an upside down T. You’ll work the fronts next and then join the fronts to the back at the shoulders. The directions say to seam shoulders and sides but there are no side seams so you can ignore that.

Wonderful… Thank YOU!!