Tighting instep on a sock

I love doing socks but I don’t like the baggy feeling under the instep. Is there any way to tighten up that area?

Is it the correct size otherwise? Maybe some ribbing in that area…an inch or so? might work. You might have to do some experimenting.

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Lion Brand Yarn has a book called “Just Socks”, edited by Shannon Okey. In the book (on page 42) you will find the “Shaped Arch Sock” patterns. These were inspired by a similar pattern in “Meg Swanson’s Knitting” and look very much like the answer to your problem!

You can shape the arches for left and right foot, or shape them in such a way that they will fit either foot. The pattern includes instructions for all three.

Hope this helps you solve your dilemma. Hand knit socks are sooooooooo wonderful! Let us know how it goes!

Happy knitting,

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