Tightening up interchangeable circulars

I am just starting learning how to knit in the round on circulars, and I hvae a set of interchangeable circular needles. its going okay, except my needles keep unscrewing from the cables slightly enough so that the yarn is getting stuck in the place where the cable meets the needle. Grr!!! I used the little “key” that came with the circs to tighten (I thought) so what’s the trick? This is super irritating!

I could delete this I suppose, because I found my own answer, but just in case anyone else could ever use it –

here is a link to tightening up – apparently I was being a bit too delicate about tightening up, I think.


I also use a small square of this type of drawer liner and I’ve never had one unscrew.

You can also use one of the wide rubber bands that hold bunches of brocolli together. I save them for opening jars with.
eta - Does ‘that vegetable’ have 2 Cs and one L, or 1 C and 2 Ls…? Neither one looks right to me today.

:teehee:Broccoli is correct. :wink: Rubber bands are a good idea, but we never get them. :??