Tightening a sock cuff

I just finished my first ever real sock (I spent 9 hours on it today). It fits wonderfully, except the cuff is just a smudge too loose for my tastes.

Is there any way I can tighten it without having to redo it?

I knit the sock from the cuff down. The cuff is in 2x2 ribbing, and other than the slight looseness, it’s perfect.

You can weave an elastic thread through the wrong side. Start at the top, and just go down in a spiral around the cuff.

Next time, knit the cuff with a needle one size smaller. :slight_smile:

Danke! I’ll get some elastic thread.

I’ll certainly do the ribbing on a needle a size smaller next time. Come to think of it, 2x2 probably wasn’t such a great idea in the first place, seeing as it is the ribbing with the most give.