Tight strands


My sheep (strands) on the sweater I’m making seem VERY tight … will they loosen up when they’re off the needles or are they going to pull everything out of shape … :??

It’s important to keep your strands loose, or it will pucker the fabric. Make sure that you stretch the stitches out on your right needle and this will help make sure the strand is at it’s longest. You can also ‘trap’ the yarn if the strand seems too long.

Insert your needle into the stitch to be worked, but don’t wrap it yet. Bring your yarn not in use up over the tip of the right needle from the back. Then wrap your stitch and take off the yarn you put over the tip. It should get trapped. It’s very hard to explain and I don’t know of a site that has it on line. You can also twist your stitches to hold the strand in place, but if you can work out the first way, it’s much better.

Hmmm … ok … well, I’ll have a few puckered sheep … but most won’t be after that advice!