Tight Knitter

I just taught myself to knit about a month ago and find myself to be a tight knitter. What type of needles would be best for me to use (bamboo, alum. etc.)?

To some degree it depends on how tight you knit and what kind of yarn you are using. In general, I prefer metal needles for acryllics and wools, and they will be more difficult to bend/break if you knit super-tight, so I would start there. I find that Boye/Bates needles are just fine (and I’m using them on my current project), but Addi Turbo needles are fabulous.

I learned to knit with a looser tension by switching to bamboo needles for a small project.

It was just impossible to move the stitches until I relaxed my tension on the yarn. Then when I returned to my metal Bates, I was a loose knitter and the projects just flew along on my needles.

Of course I now much be careful with my WIPs so they don’t slide right off my metal needles. :oo: