Tight knitter woes

Okay, if this stitch doesn’t teach me to stop knitting so tight, nothing will. Doing a baby blanket that has p2tog-tbl throughout several rows. Wow, sure is hard when you knit tight that is for sure. I am finding it so hard because my stitches are tight. Just wanted to vent! Thanks:eyes:

That’s a tough one for everyone. :hug:

Thanks for saying that. I thought it was just me and the way I knit. Good grief, just glad it is a baby blanket and not a full afghan. So slow trying to be sure I have both stitches on the needle.

I knit loosely and even I have trouble with that one. AARRGGHH!

I feel so awkward doing it. Sure won’t look for a pattern with this stitch any time soon. Yuck!!!

But it’s so easy to correct! Isn’t it? Why don’t you practice on something you’re not knitting, just a swatch. Just make … the… yarn… go… around… the… needle… a little less tight. :wink:

knitting two tog often produces a tighter stitch so you’ll really have to loosen up. good luck. wish I could solve my problem as easily…

( I can’t decide what to knit next)

I was rummaging around for patterns on the internerd and found one with p2tg and I ran far, far away. :smiley:

Purl 2 tog is easier than k2tog. It’s the p2tog tbl (through the back loop) that’s the tricky one.

Oh…I don’t even have the foggiest idea how to do that.

Go look in the Glossary, I think there’s a video for both p2tog and p2tog tbl.

All I can say is, “I wish you luck!” I have been looking for a leaf pattern for a scarf. Thought I had finally found exactly what I wanted on the internet. It even has videos for each row of the pattern! Seemed perfect. However there’s one drawback…it has this p2tog-tbl stitch in it!!! From what I’ve been hearing, and from seeing it on the video I’m now thinking that I’ll just keep looking. There’s a katrillion patterns out there…one will eventually pop up that fits my skill level.

My wife’s mom was helping me to get past the casting on because I was getting frustrated and getting no where. She looked at me at the end of it and said, “Brian, you need to RELAX!” Boy, was she right. If I make a stitch too tight, I have learned how to loosen up on the next row.

My big thing is learning how to knit evenly and how to fix any mistakes without frogging and starting over.

Whenever I’ve taught a newbie to knit…tight cast-ons and tight knitting kinda comes with the territory. I think it’s nerves at bit.

But here’s what I’ve found to be a great remedy:

I teach them to cast on LOOSELY. If they can’t quite cast on [I]evenly [/I]and loosely,
we go to [B]PLAN B:[/B] using a larger needle size for the cast on.

Tight cast ons result in tight knitting for sure.

If the cast on row is loose (not sloppy, just loose enough so that the needle can slide back and forth inside the cast on stitches), the knitting will be LESS TIGHT than otherwise.

If you are gonna use, let’s say, a US8 for your next swatch…then cast on with a US10 and keep the tension just as tight as you want.

But when you begin row 1 of the swatch, use your US8.

If you don’t like that, then use a US9 to cast on, and the US8 to knit.

Swatches are so helpful!

Lots of things sound intimidating at first, like purling 2 tog through the back loops. but after you do it a few times, say 10, I think you would be doing it just fine. It’s important to loosen that yarn up when you go in, think “I’m the boss not you!” :wink: Really, I used to be afraid of some of these things and now I’m flying! :cheering: