Tight CO

Anyone know of a way to loosen up a tight CO without having to start over?
I’m working on a sweater (in the round) and just finished the body. I just realized that the bottom doesn’t stretch as much as the rest of the fabric.
I’m sort of imagining a process where I pick up stitches a row above the CO and then just cut the CO edge off… but, that doesn’t seem very logical… or safe.
Any ideas?

You can cut off the CO, knit a row and BO. Next time, use a larger needle to CO with, maybe 2 sizes up.

If it’s a larger piece, you may also want to throw in a life line, simply a cotton thread or dental floss threaded through your first row of stitches, to keep from losing stitches when you snip off the bottom. I find that when depending on the yarn, stitches sometimes slip out of place.