Tiger eyes scarf-Help

Has anyone made this, I cast on tonight and I’m on row 8 of the chart. I’ve noticed that in the middle of the row (13 symbols along not counting the blanked out squares) there is a knit stitch but there is a ssk two stitches along, everywhere else on the chart where there is a k2tog there is a SSK “opposite it” but not here, is this right???

If I’m understanding what you’re asking, you’re talking about the middle of row 8, where there’s 3 knit sts, YO , ssk, and then 2 knit sts. There’s no mirroring decrease to that ssk because the ssk is there to compensate for the addition of a stitch with the YO, to keep the stitch count the constant. That yo, SSK is in the middle of the row, so there’s nothing to mirror.

The chart is correct. I made this a few years ago (you will love it - it is gorgeous) and wondered the same thing. It has to be that way for the “eyes” to be centered. Trust the pattern - it is right.

Thanks, I decided to chance it anyway and I think the pattern splits at that point for the little diamondy thing above it (I’m not very good at explaining it) so it it’s not entirely symmetrical (which threw me) but it’s not noticeable when knitted up. I did two repeats last night but I was too tired to concentrate and made a few mistakes and had to keep tinking back so I went to bed!
Anyhow my camera is rubbish, but this is what it looks like so far.

Very nice. I also knitted it some time ago, or rather, I started knitting it, unfortunately my yarn was not a good choice, there are knots in every skein, so I abandoned it,…
I also wondered about that strange thing in the pattern, but as some people told me, I trusted the pattern, and it turned out right (I did two repeats)

So keep up the good effort. Nowadays I’m almost always changing patterns to suit my own taste :smiley:

The DESIGN is symetrical, but the KNITTING PATTERN is not. Because if you have an odd number of YO’s, you cannot pair every one.

agh right, that makes sense, It’s been ages since I tried anything too fiddly and the recent lace project I did was symmetrical so I thought it was odd in comparison

I really love that pattern, but I have one question. On the chart the shaded squares mean “no stitch”. What do you do for those stitches? I’m thinking about making that, but want to see if I understand the chart before I start. Thanks.

I was worried about that too, but trust the pattern. Just do as it says, and jump the no stitch stitches, there are no stitches. There are more decreases than increases, so that you end up with fewer stitches, but to keep the chart symmetrical, there are placeholders.

It goes from 25 stitches up up 39 and gradually back down to 25 again by YOs and decreases

This is so incredibly beautiful! I hope you do finish it, and love it as well. I am going to go out and buy some yarn today to make it with. Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful scarf pattern. I have finished two scarves and am part way through a 3rd for Xmas presents, this one looks lovely, and now after reading all the notes from people I will knit the next one in this pattern. I am quite new to the whole internet thing and am amazed at the number of lovely free pattern available. And thanks to everyone for putting links to the ones they have done or are working on.

I’ve done about 11 repeats now, and this photo is slightly better to give you a better idea of what it looks like the colour isn’t too exact though - I’m getting a new camera for my birthday!

That is looking wonderful!!! Does it want to curl under at the sides? Does the garter stitch border at each side stop it curling? Are you going to do two halves and graft together in the middle so the pattern goes upwards on both ends?

Mine didn’t roll, I suppose it’s due to the many yarn overs, so that there is almost no “stocking stitch” to cause curling.

The garter stitch prevents curling and also stabilises it at the edges. The yarn is a “semi solid” according to Ravelry (though I’m not sure exactly what that means). It’s Araucania Ranco Solid, but there is a slight stripe to it which I’m not sure I could replicate if I knit it in two pieces and grafted together, plus I should have thought that far ahead and worked out how much yarn is half the skein. I hand wound it into a very tight ball! I was planning on knitting until I ran out of wool, then frogging back to the end of the last pattern repeat and finishing. It’s for my sister who doesn’t knit so I don’t think she’d be that critical if it wasn’t perfect, but still!

Semi solid would refer to the color, telling you that it was not entirely a “solid” color, meaning uniform in color.
As to the grafting problem, you can also knit the scarf without grafting, just doing pattern repeats and ending the scarf.
I thought I’d do x repeats, then place the half scarf onto other needles and do x repeats again, then graft it together,…

I didn’t prethink this one! I started my knitting at the start of the yarn which was in the middle of one colour repeat, and not at the start of the colour change so I’d have to find the same point on the other side if I did it in two parts. The stripes are staggered as a result but I’m pretending it’s tiger pattern… but the colour difference is really subtle in real life and hard too see the difference. I’ll just keep going til I run out, or it gets too long - I think the yardage on the skein is longer than recommended in the pattern so I’ll see how it works out

I think it is more the tiger eye pattern that makes me think I will do it in 2 halves and join in the centre. Otherwise when one is wearing it the pattern will go up on one side and be ‘upside down’ on the other end!

Wow!! That is gorgeous!! I am too intimidated by charts but someday I will try one. You are doing a fantastic job and your scarf is going to be beautiful!