Here’s yet another project that I started many years ago and has been sitting in my plastic container. I just gave up because I got so frustrated with the decreases and having to keep in pattern. I found this to be extremely difficult…so here it stands. Wish I could get back the “oomph” to pick it up again. As you can see, I don’t have that far to go. It’s just a TIE! It’s reversible. The exact same pattern on the back.

I like that stitch pattern. Do you know what it’s called or if the pattern is online for free or something? salmonmac and others know about deceasing in pattern, I can’t help. Sorry.

i always think the tie is such an interesting, portable project… but i don’t wear them (i liken them to pantyhose for men, cutting off all oxygen and will to live), and my dad wouldn’t wear a knit one, even if i made it.

Very nicely done! I like the look of knit ties.
It looks like you have the pattern well in hand to me.

This pattern comes from “Knitters, Winter '97”. I’ll attach a pic of the pages. I gave up when I got so confused about the decreases. I think this is the most difficult project I ever decided to try. If you can’t find this pattern, I can try to scan it in and send it to you. Maybe someone would like to have it. I’d love someone to try it out and see where I’m going wrong. I’d love to finish it. Oh, and I finally finished my Nantucket Brocade Sweater! I’ll post a pic for you! Thanks so much for your help. It’s invaluable…

Thanks very much. I wish I had a clue how to finish it but the decreases have completely confused me. It’s definitely a pattern for an advanced knitter…not me. It’s a different technique than I’ve ever done. I’m hoping that someone could teach me how to understand it. I’ll post the pattern if I can. If not, I was telling GrumpyGramma that I can try to scan it and send it that way.

lol…I love your analogy to ties. Very true! I HATE pantyhose for so many reasons! I agree with you, though. It’s definitely a good portable project. I may just be toting it around with me again!

Sharing the pattern isn’t kosher. :sad: I’d love to know the name of the stitch. What’s this particular pattern called? Maybe if we could see a picture of it finished it would help someone figure out the decrease while staying in pattern part.

Ties and pantyhose are instruments of torture, cruel and inhumane inventions if ever there were any. A knitted tie could be worn scarf-like I think and I may just have to give one a go.

Here is the book that the Tie Pattern comes from.

I can’t remember the last time I wore (or even OWNED) pantyhose.

that tie is incredible. LOTS of work has gone into it already, so you might as well figure out how to finish it. don’t want that time to go wasted.

how about not increasing, and turning it into a belt? add a cool buckle, and BAM! you’re DONE!

GrumpyGramma, according to the designer, Heather Lodinsky, she states that the technique is reversible, two color knitting. It uses slip stitches and sliding rows to create a fabric with two “right sides”. I started this project thinking it would be great to learn a new technique. What I didn’t realize was that this is something that you really should have an expert knitter by your side…teaching! I’m positive that it would be EASY for you! From the pics I posted, can you get an idea about the pattern?

Thanks for posting the photo, I couldn’t find it when I looked. Admittedly it was a half-hearted search. With this weather I need a huge dose of energy to make it to lethargic.


Good idea. A belt, skinny scarf, strap for a bag, something.

Nope, not for me. I specialize in getting messed up and confused, I think I’ve elevated it to a new art form even. BUT I might now find a similar stitch pattern if not the same one. Two colors and slip stitches rings a bell.

lol…same here! Pantyhose must’ve been designed by MEN! Thanks so much for your compliment. Yes, it’s been a pain in my arse but you’re right…this tie needs to be finished already. I like your belt idea. It would solve my finishing dilemma! Ironically, I don’t even know a guy who WANTS to wear a tie or has to wear a tie. Xtopher CB put it perfect! haha

You can see your work and thus the details. Is this similar? http://newstitchaday.com/how-to-knit-the-3-color-honeycomb-stitch/ Or this? http://newstitchaday.com/how-to-knit-the-two-tone-lattice-stitch/ Here’s the page I found them on. http://newstitchaday.com/knitting-stitchionary/colorwork/

The same men who plan kitchens and bathrooms?

You’re getting close!!! To give you an idea about the pattern directions, I did a double-strand cast on with 38 stitches. Light color and dark color on dpn. Row 1 begins, “With D, p1, *(k1p1) 5 times, sl 1 wyib, sl 1 wyif; rep from *. end K1. Turn work. Then row 2 ends with “sliding” your work…There’s turning and sliding. And so on for 12 rows. Repeat 1-12 until it measures 10”. Then comes the decreases. Cont. pat and dec 1 st each side every 1 inch for 10 times (maintain a p st at beg & a k st at end of every row)-18 sts. Work even until piece measures 55 " from beg. What I found very hard was keeping in pattern. Have I completely confused you?

Yes! Very close. It’s the same idea with “wyif/wyib”. I’m going to watch the video and see what I come up with. Thanks a bunch.

ooo!~ooo!!! and the same guy who designed my STOVE!!

not to mention all the badly designed bathrooms…
and linen closets…
and kitchen cupboards…

and yes.

you have.

I’m not knitting today.

I’ve cleaned by bathroom, done my grocery shopping, got rained out of cherry picking yesterday,
and am enjoying a glass of rose, (don’t ask me how to get the accent over the e) and some blue cheese on crackers.
I’m staring balefully at my green sweater, and planning my next project:
pale mauve cotton, which I hope will turn into some sort of sleeveless summer top. Its a bit thick for my liking but I found it cheepcheepcheep at a thrift store, so couldn’t pass it up. Its been sitting in a box for 3? 4? years. there’s way too much of it to be a spa-cloth.