Tie Front Cardigan: Questions!

Okay. I’m working on the Tie-Front Cardigan on page 71 of the Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting. I’m getting close to the side shaping, and I need help!

The instructions:

Dec 1 st each side on next row, then every 6th row 5 times more, then every 7th row 3 times – 87 (104, 121) sts.

Do I K2tog at each end on the first row? As for the “every 6th row… every 7th row…” I’m completely confused. :wall:

Dec 1 st each side on next row, then every 6th row 5 times more, then every 7th row 3 times – 87 (104, 121) sts.

row 1–k2tog at each end
rows 7, 13, 19, 25, 31 - dec as above
rows 38, 45, 62 - dec as above (or p2tog since these will be on the ws)

Ah, yes! Thank you, Ingrid. You made it easy to understand. :heart:

Watch row 45 - it’ll be a RS row, so you should k2tog again.


Okay. Coming back to this pattern and my confusion… How do I work the decreases into the pattern? For example, Row 11 (which is the first row of decrease):

K1, p1, *yo, k3, ssk, k6, k2tog, k3, yo, p1; rep from *, end k1

as i decrease every 6th row, 5 times, then every 7th row, 3 times, how do I factor that into the pattern?

thanks much for your help!

When you decrease in a lace pattern, if there is a yo at the end, you leave it out and that creates the decrease. If you are at a point where you’re at the k3, then you can do a normal decrease.

So in this pattern, I’m thinking that you want to keep the edges the same for seaming, right?

Then you would keep the k1, p1 at the beginning and the p1, k1 at the end, doing the decreases on the inside of those stitches. So for the first decrease row, leave off the yo at the two ends. When you get to the ssk, you can do a sssk if you want, for example.

I think you’ll be able to see what to do as you get to that point, though.

Which do you think would be less impactful to the pattern – decreasing via YOs or SSSK? And if I go the SSSK route, do I K3Tog as well?

Thanks much.

If there’s a yo at the edge, just don’t do it. But as the pattern decreases on the edges, you may have to start with a ssk or end with a k2tog. Then I’d do the sssk or k3tog.

Again, need help.
On the subsequent rows (for example, row 12), how do i make up for the decreased stitch? (Given that the pattern relies on each stitch in each row to continue the design…)
Does that make sense?

You have to picture, or chart, what stitch you’d be at without the one that’s gone. It’s kind of easy at the end of the row–you stop when the stitches stop; but at the beginning you have to count backwards to know where to start the pattern stitches. Know what I mean?

Yes! That’s kinda what I’d figured… but wanted to make sure. I’m tired of frogging…

Thanks much, again and again.