Tickled Pink

Has anybody heard about the two Grade 12 students in Nova Scotia that stood up to some bullies in a very unique way?
They organized a “sea of pink” after they heard about a grade 9 student who got bullied on the first day of school for wearing a pink polo shirt. These two boys and everyone that participated deserves a round of applause.

Full story here.

[COLOR=Magenta]That is absolutely fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

thats such a nice thing to do, but i did think u were talking about brest cancer at 1st (coz its tickled pink month)

Yeah, I saw that. Thought it was awesome!!! :cheering:

I saw a men’s t-shirt the other day. It was pink. It said “Keep laughing. This is your girlfriend’s shirt” :teehee:

Thanks for sharing such an uplifting story!

Smiling in AZ –


That’s a really great story!!!

That is a wonderful story.

Thanks for sharing! What an uplifting story.:woot:to those kids!

Reminds me of the high school where a student was being laughed at and harassed after a round of chemotherapy.
Classmates by the hundred, male and female, shaved their heads in a show of solidarity and support.
Kids can be wonderful and idealistic.

Fabulous story! Affirmative and yet peaceful action to support a fellow student. Brilliant.

I so hate school bullying. Children are not born bullies. What ‘isms’ we give our children about colours and shapes and sizes and race etc without sometimes even knowing it.

The parents and school should be tremendously proud.

Glad to hear the good things kids do instead of the bad stuff

Great story!

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