Tick prevention/Which product is best?

Ladybug is a Labrador Mix and stays outside most of the day. She loves to run in the woods…picking up every stray tick she can find. I’ve been using Revolution for years but it just doesn’t work for this furbaby. So K9 Advantix??? Frontline??? HELP!!!

Well, I’m not sure if anyone can tell you what is best anymore than they can tell you which needles are best, but make sure whatever you choose does have tick prevention in it. Not all of them do. I use Frontline Plus on my dog, but we aren’t really around ticks so I don’t have personal experience with it. I believe it needs to be used once a month for ticks.


We use Frontline…not sure it is Plus as I think that one has something extra in it for flea larvae and I use it for ticks nosomuch for fleas. We’ve had really good luck. At the height of the season we still have to brush the dogs for ticks before bringing them back into the house b/c they will just be walking on their fur - and that’s just after being out for a couple of hours. We take the dog with us everywhere so the vet at one time offered us a tick/flea spray we could use before going for a hike that is meant to keep the ticks from even getting onto the fur.

Best tick prevention?
Best tick remover= fire

I really can’t recommend any one particular brand over another, but when it comes to K9 Advantix I do have to warn you that if you have any cats, or if your dog goes near any cats, please be careful! This product is poisonous to cats, and can kill cats that groom, rub on, or lie with dogs treated with K9 Advantix.

Debra in NC

We use K9 Advantix and we have cats. As long as your cats don’t touch it on your dog until it’s dry then they’ll be just fine. It’s only toxic while it’s wet. We’ve used it for years and have had no problems at all.
And our pup has tested negative for Lymes every time.

Ask your vet, they’ll give you the best advice for your situation. If he’s outside most of the day put it on in the morning and by the time he comes in for the day it’ll be dry and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

I use a horse spot-on bug juice. Just in smaller amounts. It works great and then all the animals smell the same:yay: I have also added dried garlic to the food and that will help with fleas too!!