Thunderstorms...go away!

Many of you know we recently moved to western NJ from southern CA. I have been through thunderstorms before but it is the frequency here that I am not happy with, and its not for the reason most of you are thinking of-its the dog. Its the 75 lb baby who does not like the thunder and lightening who keeps me sleeping on the couch with him on the floor dog:rollseyes:. I know I should probably not do that (ooh, that was a LOUD crack right above the house! SHHH Calvin, its okay dog!) but when he is barking at every sound and everyone (even the kids!) sleep right through it but me what am I supposed to do? I have gone to the vet to get him some Acepromizine but it needs to work faster! (or I need to watch the website and anticpate when the storm will arrive!) For those of you from NJ, is this a normal amount of storms or is this a little above normal?

Oh, and the kitten (no name yet) that went through the storm on the 19th, she is laying in her bed not even flinching from the sounds! (Calvin should be ashamed!:aww:)

In the Northeast, thunderstorms are quite frequent in the summer. You get a hot, humid day and can be pretty sure you’ll get a storm that evening.

When I was growing up we had a German Shepard that was terrified of thunder storms. She used to try to fit under the bed or hide in the shower stall and cower.:rofling: She never did get over it.:shrug:

I have a 75lb black lab who is also terrified of storms. They didn’t bother him when he was younger, but he’s now 7 yrs old and he freaks! He is so spoiled, however, that I will get up and lay in the floor with him on his bed in the middle of the night! As long as me or DH is there with him, he feels much better.

you may have to try to condition him to the noise- get a recording of a thunderstorm and play it in the house when you are doing something fun, like tug o war, or whatever he loves to do. increase the volume little by little until he ignores it…

Yeah, thunderstorms are very common from May-August. I looove thunderstorms, but I also don’t have a dog that gets scared of them.

You could send us some of the thunderstorms in Boston…we need to break this hot/humid streak before I melt! :hot:

We’re supposed to have some today Stiney! Maybe we’ll get a break…I hope!


I can’t handle another night like last one. :shock:

I had my A/C cranked up in my room last night so I didn’t even know we had a thunderstorm:teehee:

We did? I guess that must have been when I actually fell asleep. I have no a/c. :pout:

I am originally from PA and summer storms in that part of the country are pretty much the norm. Dogs never do seem to get used to them. We had dogs when I was growing up and they always went nuts when there were storms or fire works.

Now I am in central CA and I would do just about anything for a summer storm… I hate this dry, dry, dry from April til Nov. :frowning:

I’m in New York State and I love all the noise and sounds of a good thunderstorm. I do NOT like the damage of course that they can do.

I’ve always loved “loud” weather. Even when it’s just windy out and the leaves on the trees move…I love those sounds especially if I’m in bed and can hear it thru open windows.:muah:

We moved back here ten years ago and we did not have as many thunderstorms in the past ten years like we have so far this year.

I live in Northern NJ and we got pretty bad thunderstorms too; lighting lasted until around midnight, even though it had stopped raining a few hours before. My dog (who is a Saluki-she is afraid of everything) wasn’t really frightened, but she started to breath a little heavier than normal and that usually means she’s nervous. We’re lucky that she doesn’t go completely crazy on us! :teehee:

I love thunderstorms, but right at the moment am disliking the rain. Our town is flooding and they are starting to evacuate people that live in the lower lying areas. We have dykes all around the town, but the water is going over the top. They’ve shut the flood gates and are now sand bagging the tops. We live on the end of town farthest from the river so I’m hoping I’ll get to stay home. They’ve called in help from surrounding towns and counties for water pumps and pump trucks. They’ve ran the co-op in the 3 closest towns out of deisel fuel and have put in for an emergency delivery. I went to the store earlier and took a couple of photos. The yellow hanging things are at the begining of a one lane bridge going out of town. The sign above it says 9’0". The other is part of the RV park in the city park. I just want to say how proud I am of all the volunteer firemen and police officers. They have been working to save lives and property for over 12 hours now. The national guard was called in to help with the set-up of temporary shelter for the evacuated people. Thank God it has almost stopped raining. I am told the river and creek will still be rising for about another 2 days.