Never having lived in the snow I had no idea this was such a rare occurance!

It happened here last week. It is pretty cool, and surprising when you hear a boom of thunder in February. :??

Yes. This is an extremely rare occurrance. I have been fortunate enough to witness this myself once, and it was an amazing event. Thundersnow is usually a sign that you can expect very heavy amounts of snow. It’s things like this that make me wish I was better at math and science because if I were, I would have become a meteorologist!!!


ooh, I’m jealous!
that happened here last year on my partner’s birthday, & it was so beautiful. & eerie. better than peanut butter & chocolate.

I guess since I can have peanut butter and chocolate (especially in pie form) any time I want and thundersnow is rare, it is better…but it’s close!

:verysad: :verysad: :verysad:

I am sooooooo jealous!
Especially because the weather here today has been sunny rain with mostly rain. It looks sunny and feels sunny but as soon as you get through the door you’re soaked. :teehee:

Being the weather freak that I am, this is the kind of thing I would travel to see. Pity it’s so rare.

We’ve experienced it a few times, and it is bizarre.

Yep, had it here in ND a couple times. Last time I saw it I was in a conference room at work before Christmas. There were floor to ceiling windows and a pretty fluffy pre holiday snow coming down. It thundered and even a little flash of lightning. Nobody was sure what we all saw and sort of looked around the room. Then in happened again and that night on the local news the weather guy was practically giddy talking about it.

I experienced it for the first time recently. It was pretty surreal.

That has only happened here in the Atlanta area once that I can remember. We had a blizzard several years ago and as the snow was pouring down it was thundering something fierce. Wierdest thing ever.

It happened several times in the three years I lived in Michigan. I think we were supposed to get some here in Wyoming, but didn’t see any. Or maybe that’s the forecast for this weekend…


Living in Oklahoma, I’ve had a chance to experience all kinds of atmospheric phenomenon, but never this.

I remember watching the weather forcast when they told us that we were going to get Thundersnow, and explained what it was (NEVER heard of it before that moment,) but didn’t get a chance to experience it. (how’d I miss it?!)

Snow is usually SILENT! That’s why it makes us feel peaceful to experience it.

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Yup, in New England I have heard and seen it maybe five times. It is great to see the lightning and then thunder with snow.
I do miss the snow after my husband and I retired we moved to Virginia. We don’t get the kind of snow like that down here. I do enjoy the milder winters now, like the longer warmer weather that we get.

Teri xxx

Snow by itself is enough of an atmospheric phenomenon for me. But now I’m spitting green with envy of you who can experience thundersnow! Gah!!! I hate Florida!!! :!!!:

We sometimes have very hard thunderstorms with freezing rain, does that count? :eyebrow:

I LOVE it when the weather dudes (and dudettes) get visibily excited during the forecast for whatever reason. Cracks me up and then I remember that “oh yes…they studied this and enjoy it very much!”