"thumb stitches"?

The pattern im following, say this:

“patt 22sts, p across 14 thumb stitches, p to end
52 stitches”

I have 38 stitches at the moment so i need to pick some up when doing this, but i don’t understand what it means by purl 14 thumb stitches?

The last row i did was k16, cast of 6, patt to end.

SO i was thinking maybe i had to do something by the cast of 6? where the thumb hole will be, but i have no idea what i should be doing?

Thumb stitches is where your thumb will be. I personally can’t say what that all means without seeing the pattern, or having more information that is written above. Maybe I’m just not getting it…

Can you link the pattern so we can see more of it?
If not, at least give a bit more to go on.

52sts (pattern says you will have) - 38sts (you currently have) = 14 thumb sts that you need to FIND and purl

Yes, you will be doing something by those 6 sts, the pattern should have more to it. Did you cast [B]on[/B] or cast [B]off[/B]?

Also, do you have any sts on a holder that you’ve been saving to work on in this area? In some patterns, they are waiting to be picked up again.

I cast off 6, i cant link to the pattern as it’s not online.

I’ll type out the row before that i’ve done the row im stuck on and the one after… hopefully that’ll be enough

“thumb opening
next row patt 16, cast off 6sts, patt to end
next row patt 22sts, p across 14 thumb stitches, p to end. 52sts
next row k16, skpo, k10,k2tog, patt to end”

Also, is the skpo like cabling but with one rather than two?
and ktog?

Maybe this is too complicated for me!

k2tog - you put your needle through 2sts instead of just one and knit them like you would a regular k st.
It is a way to decrease 1 st.

kspo - ???
Somewhere at the start of the pattern should be a stitch or abbreviation guide, which explains any special sts they are using.
My guess would be [B]K[/B]nit 1, [B]S[/B]lip 1, Pass slipped st [B]O[/B]ver, which is also a way of decreasing one st.

Still unsure where you get all of the 14 thumb sts without more of the pattern, sorry.
Are you sure you should have 38sts after casting off those 6 sts?

I guess you’re making some sort of mitts/gloves, too bad it’s not online. It might take a lot of searching since there are different styles, but how about googling to see if you can find a pattern worked similarly?

the skpo says this by the abbreviation -“slip next stitch onto right needle, knit next st, then pass the slipped stitch over the slipped stitch”

Yeah, i’m sure i should have 38, it works out, i started with 44, dropped six, and ended up with 38. Also the thumb stitches are 14 which would make it up to 14.

I had knitted a tiny bit before for a thumb part… which lookinghas 14 stitches… so maybe im meant to knit them on.

is really confused

i have to go out now, but i’ll try type more of the pattern out or see if my scanner will work later, thanks for the help

The 14 sts are part of the sts you already have. I think. How many did you start with?

a kspo - typo, skpo is slip 1, k1, pass slipped st over the k1 and is a decrease.

I took a picture of the pattern so here it is:

then this is the bit i think i’m meant to attach, it’s the only thing i can think it means:

The 14 sts on the stitch holder are what they mean when they say “…p across 14 thumb sts”. You started with 44 sts, you cast off 6 (38sts), then you add these 14 sts to make 52. So on that row, you patt 22sts, p the 14 sts from your stitch holder, p to end.