Thumb question

I want to make a variation of these armwarmers, but I’m going to use thinner yarn, smaller needles, and make them about elbow length. I think I can adjust the pattern to fit my measurements and to get gauge, but I am scared because I’ve never done gloves or mittens and have NO IDEA how to do a thumb gusset! :help:

So, can I be a “cheater” and knit up the whole armwarmer with a hole where the thumb goes, then just pick up stitches around the hole and knit in the round? :shifty: Or do I need to learn how to do thumb gussets to do it right? :oops:

I made Broad Street Mittens, and the thumb gusset wasn’t very difficult. Might as well learn to do it the right way, and then later you can decide whether or not you’ll actually use it in the future. :shrug:

I agree with Rachel. Thumb gussets really aren’t that hard. Just trust the pattern as Ingrid always says and trust yourself you can do it!

Okay…I’m going to trust you both when you say it’s not that hard! :wink: You’re right…I should learn to do it the right way. I do this with [I][U]all[/U][/I] new techniques…I get all flustered, panicking about how hard it will be, then once I learn it, I go, “That isn’t so hard–what was I so scared about?” Hopefully this will be the same experience.

I am making a fingerless glove and I am at the point where I need to do the thumb–so I knit the stitches with waste yarn, put them back on the needle then knit them again? That gives me live stitches later? I can’t picture it! I was looking all over for a video of it!!