Thumb on Mitten

Help please!!

I’m making mittens for the first time. And I’ve been following this pattern:

So I’ve followed all the instructions, and I’m now about to start the thumb. The problem is I don’t know how!! It says, to join the 3 stitches to the 13, and you’ve got 16 stitches… ok… so I guess you pickup those 3 stitches, and 3 + 13 is 16. But what does that “join” mean… and how do I knit if I don’t any trailing yarn?


You’re going to use a new peice of yarn here. Slip the 13 stitches from the holder onto your DPNs, then pick up 3 new stitches at the base of the thumb. Join them by knitting the first stitch using the yarn coming from the last picked up stitch to make a continuous circle of stitches. Then just knit in the round for the required length. :slight_smile:

Just like when you began the mitten, you cast on stiches, then joined them and worked in the round. Do the same for the thumb. Pickup the stiches, join and work in the round. only smaller. leave any tail on the inside of the mitten.

Thanks!! That helps!

I love how fast you can get help on this board. :slight_smile: