Thumb of a Mitten - troubles

Hi, I am knitting a mitten from an older Red Heart pattern book. I am using [B]two straight needles[/B] (FYI). It is a ‘thumb in front’ style of mitten I believe rather than the kinds of mittens where the thumb sticks out to the side.

So far I have knit the mitten from the cuff to the top and finished the top and side seams as directed in the pattern. Now its time to go back to the thumb. The pattern had left off with 12 stitches on a stitch holder. The pattern tells me this:

“with right side of work facing, and CA, knit across 12 sts from st holder”
(which I have DONE - now this is all the stitches for the thumb on my knitting needle).

next it says: "pick up and knit 2 sts along thumb cast on edge. 14 sts.

THIS IS WHERE I AM UNSURE OF HOW TO CONTINUE. The videos and tutorials I have looked at show how to “pick up and knit stitches” but they only show how to do that when you are done a piece and your needles no longer have live stitches on them. Mine do.

First of all - what is considered the ‘cast on edge’ of the thumb? and how do i pick up and knit these stitches with my needle if I already have stitches on it? Attached is a picture of what it looks like.

I am to continue for several rows in stockinette stitch starting with a purl row, which I know how to do - I just don’t want to make a mistake before i start that part!

Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated! Thanks!

You do the same thing even when you already have sts on the needle. Just insert the tip of the right one into a stitch next to the ones on the needle, wrap the yarn and pull it through. It looks like you may have cast on some sts on the lower part of the mitten, the bottom of the thumb hole, so that’s where you would pick them up from.

Thanks for responding so quickly!

Just a question for clarification - where to pick up those stitches. Ive attached a photo to more clearly show you how the stitches lay. Should I pick up two BLUE stitches before those blue lines or two RED stitches after the blue lines?

thanks, again!

It said ‘along the thumb cast on edge’ so I’m thinking IN the cast on itself. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some extra ones where the blue lines are and dec them on the next round so you have the right number of sts.