Thumb Gussets and Textured Stitches

I really like this bee stitch ( and it looks pretty good with the variegated yarn I have. I want to make some fingerless gloves and prefer the thumb gusset to the after thought thumb style. I know how to do gussets, but it is hurting my brain how to do it in pattern with a patter that has odd stitches. Also, how do you make one in a textured pattern? I would appreciate some pointers or things to think about as I try to puzzle this out. Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you!!

You could convert your thumb gusset to an odd number of sts (one st in the center with increases on either side) or you could just do the gusset in stockinette and the body of the glove in bee stitch.
Indeed, it is a very attractive stitch pattern and would look well in gloves.