Thumb gusset

I am confused on how to knit the thumb gusset after row 5 mK1 between purl stitches and then on row 6 knitting 3? and still continuing pattern.

Row 7: k3, p1, m1R, k3, m1L, *k3, p2 (repeat
from * to end of round)

Place a marker after the p1 and before the m1r, k3, m1l, pm, p2, work the rest of of the round in k3, p2. Knit the next round even; on following alternate rows inc between the markers. The thumbs appear to be worked in stockinette, your thumb stitches will interrupt the pattern, just pick it up again after the second marker.

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So there’s a m1 between the first 2 purl sts on row 5 and that seems ok. I couldn’t get row 6 to work as written, so I just increased on this row after the first p1 and before the next p1. That leaves you with 3sts between the purl sts. On row 7, the second purl st seems to be missing:
Row 7: k3, p1, m1R, k3, m1L, [I][U]p1[/U][/I]*k3, p2 (repeat from * to end of round)
From there on you keep increasing between the purl sts to 9sts for the gusset.

thanks…your instructions are very helpful explaining the missing stitches on those 2 rows…I guess an experienced knitter would know what to do, but sometimes I need the pattern written very specific before it clicks :slight_smile: