Thumb gusset

I haven’t knit mitts before and I have a silly question about thumb gussets. I am using this pattern:

I added one less st than the pattern so the rib pattern would be a spiral rib pattern.

My question is would I also need to decrease the thumb gusset st by one st to continue in a spiral rib pattern?


I don’t know the answer to your specific question, but I wanted to comment. In my experience making fingerless mitts the thumb was just stockinette and wasn’t the same as the rest of the mitt.

I’ll be watching the replies because that would be really pretty!

Oh, Jan. No other replies. Perhaps if I do the thumb gusset by doing rows 3-6 until I have increased by 12 st that would still be an odd # and not mess up the spiral rib pattern. Does that sound about right?

I liked Jan’s suggestion of the plain gusset because it seemed like the cleanest solution. But, if you can continue the ribbed pattern on the gusset, I don’t see why you can’t continue a broken rib. It did seem to me in reading the pattern that one row of the gusset has the rib and one row, the increase row, is plain knit (the main glove continues in rib throughout). See if it seems that way to you.

I’m not sure because I’ve only done a plain thumb gusset and thumb.

BTW… if there are no replies it usually means no one knows how to help. :hug:

Thanks, ladies. I am going to get both mitts to the thumb gusset and throw in a lifeline so I can always frog back if I don’t like it. :x: