Thumb gusset

wonderful site! I am working on a mitten and the directions read:

place gusset stitches on scrap yarn or stitch holders

work 1 round even,

switching the knitting order of the stitches on each side of the gap created by the thumb gusset. It is this last sentence that I am unsure of. Thank you knitters for any help you can throw my way.

I’ve not made a lot of mittens and never seen that direction but I have an idea. Sometimes when you are working on dps when you are doing something that may create a gap I have knit into the back of the first stitch where the gap might be and that closes it. Maybe this is similar to that. It sounds like it is saying to make a twist right there on each side of the gusset. On the next two stitches to knit the 2nd stitch and then knit the 1st stitch. At the other side it would probably be 2 stitches before the gap–stop and knit the last stitch and the next to the last stitch. It would be like a mini cable twist.

What do you (or anyone) think? Does this make sense? You might try it and see it is works. You can always rip it out if it was crazy. LOL That’s the good thing about knitting…you almost always have a second chance.

Yes, Yes. I bet this is it exactly. I was prereading the directions so I haven’t gotten to that point yet. When I do; I will do as you say and I’m sure all will be well. Thank you. I hope I can help you one day.

I’m glad my idea made sense at least. :slight_smile: I hope that is the answer. Nice to make your acquaintance. If you stick around the forum you probably will be able to help me someday. :slight_smile:

Hey, I was just thinking about what I had said again. Maybe instead of doing it twice at each gap, you do it [U]across[/U] the gap. When you come to the gap, knit the stitch on the other side of the gap and then the one right before the gap. I’ll bet that is it.

This makes sense also. I will try this way first. Pattern directions are funny sometimes in the way that they go on and on about simple stuff in alot of detail and then when the ambiguous stuff comes up; they fluff right over it. Oh well, if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have met your acquaintance.