Thumb Gusset


I finished my second pair of fingerless glove/mitt things tonight and it was complete with a thumb gusset (first time ever) … kind of. Actually, it’s not even a pair yet, just a lonely glove. Anyway, I had a hell of a time trying to understand how to go about making the gusset.

I followed this line: “Round 31: k1. Slip 6 st onto stitch holder. CO 6 st, join, and knit rest of round.”

Only when it came time to pick up stitches… I have no idea if I did it correctly as it was my first time doing that as well. It looks pretty good, considering what I had been expecting, but I had hoped to avoid holes (nope) and there’s a weird twist thing happening on the back side (non-palm).

Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to make thumb gussets? I googled in vain looking for something with photos or clear instructions.

Since the first glove is already done, can anyone tell me how to disguise the little gaps between the thumb and glove body?

On the bright side, I’ve finally conquered DPNs!

Congratulations on the dpns! It’s a skill that comes in handy.

You probably can just sew the hole closed with a piece of yarn.

It could be that casting on the stitches in the middle caused the gap, but Knitqueen had a great idea for adding stitches in the middle of a project. Cast on an extra stitch at each end of the group, so you’d cast on 8 instead of 6. On the next round, knit the first co stitch together with the stitch before it on the mitten and the last stitch together with the next stitch of the mitten. This should help.