Thumb Gusset pattern interpretation

Hey knitters! My name is Kayla, and I’m kind of an ambitious knitter, teaching myself complicated stitches and trying new things as I go, usually before I’m ready. I am making a lovely pair of fingerless gloves, and I have gotten to the dreaded gusset. I am increasingly knowledgeable, but this pattern might as well be in japanese, as I can’t understand it. So, if any of you kind knitters can walk me through the directions, and what it will look like, that would be wonderous to me. Spacing and correct grammar are great learning tools just so you know haha.

My pattern reads:
K33, turn. (I have not yet turned my work)

P13 (I got this)

(here is where I am lost)

Working on these 13 sts only and beg with a knit row, work 10 rows in St st. Bind off all sts using picot bind off (I can do the bind off)

My main issue is having no idea how a gusset is worked. I am using straight needles, and have not been able to find an instructional youtube video on gussets. This is distressing as it’s my favorite tool.

Love in Stitches,

A gusset is a shaped section to increase an area. You probably already did the increases, so this is just to work on that section and you just follow the pattern.

Instead of working in the round, you’re just going to work the 13 sts flat for 14 rows (the p13 row, then 13 rows in st stitch) and Bind off. The next section will likely have you go back and work the hand sts.

Thank you very much. I am a visual learner, it’s hard to try something new without visuals.

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