Thumb Gusset: not understanding pattern

Hey everyone. Avid crocheter here trying my hand at knitting and I can’t figure out this thumb gusset according to this specific pattern. I’ve youtubed the hell out of thumb gussets but I want to do what the pattern tells me. I’ve centered my 5 sts. Do I work them? Do i just put them on some waste yarn? If I put them on waste yarn and continue around, then I’ve got this tiny hole that a thumb is not going to fit through… and if I cast them back on… you know what, I don’t even knkw the right question to ask. Can someone help me with the first few steps and I swear I’ll catch on. I’m just stuck
“Put these stitches on a stitch holder to work thumb later and then cast back on in next round”

Good for you for branching out into knitting on this beautiful pattern.

Work the 5sts then put them on waste yarn. On the next row cast on 5sts and continue with the pattern. When you come back to make the thumb you’ll use the 5sts plus 9 more sts which will be picked up around the opening.
Here’s a video for casting on in the middle of a row in case that helps:

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Thank your for the reply and help!! I think I deleted the picture, having a hard time navigating this site on my phone.
One problem… maybe? (Hopefully you can follow)
I am using dpnds and my fourth working hook has about nine sts on it,
This is where I’m afraid to continue. The five, are on a fifth dpnd until I commit to waste yarn :slight_smile: so ignore that and ignore the fact that I knit american/ hold my yarn how I crochet (whoops) and in the photo I’m holding the NON workiing hook and taking the photo- Sorry right handed—
In the photo I’ve got the 5 on “waste” purled the next st as it should be and the k1 (need to k3, p2) around… image|900x1200

So I just continue? And then… I watched the video you linked, add the nine new sts?
Pattern says “put the 5 live sts on one of the dpnds and pick up 9 additional sts around the thumb hole”
I’m catching on… should I put those 9additional sts on either side you think? Or put them on all at once after the 5? Sorry if I’m hard to follow. I can barely wrap my head around this. I’m going to knit a round and see if I get it myself


Worked the round, afraid to put the “5live sts” back onto my dpnd until I know where to put the other 9… send a life boat, I’m drowning :wink: yikes.

Sorry to confuse you. After you’ve worked across the 5sts for the thumb, put them on waste yarn. Your working strand will be in position to continue the round. When you get to the gap left by the 5sts, cast on 5 new sts. Leave the 5 thumb sts on hold. Keep working rounds to the end of the mitt. Cut the yarn leaving about 6" to weave in later.

When you go back to put the thumb sts onto needles you’ll pick up 9 more sts for the thumb. Don’t worry about 9sts now. Just continue to work around on the hand portion of the mitt.


Wow thank you so much! Now I understand and that video is great. What a brilliant little trick

Thank you again! Took a break before starting the second hand warmer and I had this lovely thread to refer to as I got stuck in the same spot again. I’ll have to post a photo when I’m done .

Definitely. We love to see finished projects!