Thumb Gusset Mittens

Hi everyone! I’m new here. I’m knitting my mom a pair of mittens and I’ve gotten to the part where you knit the thumb gusset and I have a couple of questions about it. I’m using size 7 DPNs and worsted weight yarn.

  1. It says “Set up round: m1,k1, m1, PM, knit to end [2 sts inc]” This is continuing on the fabric that I knitted for the cuff, correct? Also, what does PM mean?
  2. Then it says for rounds 1 and 2 to knit and round three to m1, knit to marker, m1, SM, knit to end of round. What does SM mean? And if I have more stitches on one needle to mark the BOR instead of a regular marker, is that what I knit to?
  3. After that it says “Worsted weight: work rounds 1-3 a total of 5 times, 13 sts between BOR and marker”. What does it mean by 13 stitches between BOR and marker?
    Thanks for the help!

First…can you please tell us the name of your pattern and provide a link to the pattern if possible? Don’t post the pattern itself here due to copyright issues. All patterns are different so having a pattern is very helpful.

PM is Place Marker
SM is Slip Marker

If you’ve followed the pattern and the thumb gusset is after the ribbing then I’d say yes, but without the pattern I can’t be sure.

You’ll only be increasing on the thumb gusset marker.

I’m not sure why it says worsted weight: work rounds… Are you using more than one weight?

Giving you the number of stitches is just a way to make sure you’ve increased properly…you should have that number at that point.

The pattern is called World Simplest Mittens at
I think it says worsted weight: work rounds because you could use different a different weight if you wanted. Ok I understand the numbers now. Where do I put the thumb gusset marker? And do I need to hold any stitches on a stitch holder while I knit the thumb gusset?

Oh I see! Yes, since you’re using worsted weight just follow the instructions for that weight.

Just place the marker for the gusset where it says to. It will make it easier if you choose a different color marker.

When you work the gusset on a mitten you’ll continue to work around the body (the hand) of the glove at the same time for a bit. Where it says “next round” you’ll be placing the thumb stitches on a holder. Waste yarn is best IMO because it’s flexible and easy to knit the rest of the mitten. What you’ll do when you reach that point is take a needle and waste yarn (a smooth yarn in a lighter weight is best, I use thin crochet cotton) and thread it through the thumb stitches per directions. Then you’ll continue the pattern and do the thumb at the end. Your stitches will be a little loose where you join them at the thumb. Don’t worry about that. When you make the thumb you can fix that.

Does that help?

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Yes it does! Thank you so much!

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