Thumb Gusset Gaps

Hello. I have knit about two mittens (a pair).
But I noticed that the base of the thumbs have gaps.
How can I knit the thumbs so the gaps do not occur?
The pattern basically has me make a few stitches (about two increases for two rows) for the thumb gusset.
I get the feeling it is the increases that are leading to the gaps at the bases of the thumbs.
Is there anything I can do?

What kind of increases are you doing? Some types of increases will create a small hole. You might want to have a look at the increases videos and see if there is one that will work better for you.

Oh I didn’t know there were more than one type of increase. :doh: I just did the M1R increase. Would M1R or M1L both end up with gaps?

There are tons of ways to do just about every knitting technique. The other day someone posted about a type of cast on I’d never heard of. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you are following the videos for M1L and M1R, you shouldn’t end up with a gap, but one thing you could try is knitting into the [I]back[/I] of the stitch when you do your M1. This will twist the stitch and make it tighter. I usually do this when I’m doing a M1 on the purl side to avoid the gap.

You could try some of the other M1s too to see if they work better.

One other question–are you picking up stitches? If so, it might be that you need to pick up a few extra stitches. You can do this, you may just need to adjust the pattern a bit for the thumb.

I did M1R for the right side of the thumb and it closed the gap. I think I waas doing M1L on the right side which would explain the gap. I did M1L for the left but there still seems to be a few gaps. I guess I will try knitting into the back stitch for the M1L next time. Thanks!

I used this thumb gusset for any mitten pattern that requires thumbs. It works for any thumb and it’s one of the best I’ve found and I get very few holes. No cast on in the middle either! Any small gaps that might show up are easily fixed with the tail.

It’s the pink mitts…

I have reknitted the thumb gusset because of I had to fix a mistake from earlier. M1L works if you knit the opposite side. Thanks! I have no more gaps! At least they appear to be gone. I will check the pattern for the cable fingerless gloves soon. Any new good thumb gusset techniques might help with different textures and thickness of yarns. I am using worsted weight acrylic yarn because I don’t make much money working.

Balling up: One problem with acrylic though since I don’t want to post too many new topics, is that the mittens I make have worn out in a matter of days. My friend whom I made the mittens for showed me yesterday and they have balled up from friction because she wears them everyday. Would tweed be les prone to balling up? I was afraid tweed would not be that comfortable for the hands but I could put a lining.