Thumb gusset confusion

Making mitts and my first attempt, only been knitting a few months. I’ve knitted the wrist warmer part and thumb increases part. Last row was p to end (I have 56 sts).

This is were I get confused.
Nxt row k36, turn and cast on 1
Nxt row p17 turn cast on 1
Cont in st st on these 18sts for 6 rows

I only have 2 knitting needles I get the knit 36 turn work and cast on 1. But then I get confused with the p17 as I have 20 sts left on 1 needle. Need some advice. Thanks

You’re going to work the next instructions to continue in stockinette for 6 rows on these 18sts only. Don’t worry about the 20sts hanging out on either side of the 18sts. You’ll get to them later.

If you want, you can read ahead in the pattern and see what is going to happen with them.

Thank you totally understand now. Made the thumb then slid the other sts to 1 needle so I could continue knitting st st. :hugs::+1:t2: